Quality and innovation run deep

At FritzFinn, we know the main goal of any good provider is to make sure patients receive optimal outcomes. With that in mind, our goal – our mission – is to give provider groups top-level wound and post-surgical care solutions that meet the highest requirements for quality and innovation.


Helping physicians set themselves apart

In addition to innovative solutions, FritzFinn is dedicated to helping practices grow. Through THE CARE PACKAGE™, we are able to help provider groups differentiate themselves by giving patients a better wound and post-surgical experience.


Helping providers optimize profits

Through our deep experience and knowledge base, we can help provider groups grow their lines of care generation for patients while helping them optimize profits through wound care products and the services that go along with them.

helping providers create a more

Personalized patient experience

Today more than ever, providers are searching for ways to create profit centers within their practices that will help make up some of the deficits caused by the current healthcare environment.


With THE CARE PACKAGE, practices can not only create additional profits but, at the same time, give patients a better wound and post-surgical care experience.

services that fritzfinn provides
help when and where you need it

Practice builders, problem solvers

FritzFinn brings together a variety of best practice services that are designed to help providers grow their practices and their patient satisfaction.



FritzFinn offers professional guidance on which products will fit your treatment needs best while focusing on your growth and profitability.
Patient Auditing

Patient Auditing

Before recommending any products, FritzFinn will conduct a comprehensive audit of the patient and his/her injury.
Customized Treatment Plans

Customized Treatment Plans

Complex injuries sometimes require complex solutions. At FritzFinn, we work with providers to create a customized treatment plans.


As part of our service offerings to providers, we factor in variables such as age, health, and environment to create accurate quotes for patient treatment.

We connect care and delivery